Takeoff is currently free and available to all.  But we’re not some fantasy company with infinite pockets.  We are, in fact, a self-funded startup.  We barely have salaries and it’s all based on a dream of making Takeoff a viable business.  In order for that to happen, we need revenue.  So eventually we will start charging for Takeoff.

First and foremost, Takeoff will be super affordable.  We are thinking of offering a plan around $24/month.  For a tool that saves you time, keeps you organized, and impresses your clients, a price comparable to a few lunches isn’t bad.   We will never make Takeoff too expensive for anyone who has a use for it.

We realize that paying for stuff isn’t fun.  But if you like Takeoff, you should want to support it.  We don’t have venture capitalists giving us millions, nor can we rely on ads to generate real revenue.  It’s up to you, our customers, to make this work.  In exchange, we will give you a great product that will keep getting better.

The switch to a paid service will happen around April 2011.  Before then, we will be sending out a survey to everyone that’ll help us close in on pricing plans that work best for everyone.  So, you have a voice in shaping our pricing model.  Pretty cool!

We want to keep the basic costs of using Takeoff as low as possible.  So we’re looking for other ways to monetize Takeoff.  Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Offer DVD/BluRay printing services for your clients.  Now you don’t have to burn and ship DVDs.  We can even use the video that you already uploaded (if it’s high res).  We’ll provide your clients with a slick service where they can get their discs in days, even with custom artwork.  Of course, the client will pay, not you!
  • Are you sick of having to help clients get the video on their web site?  Let us do it!  For a fee, we can help your customers get the video on their web site, whether it’s YouTube or some other video platform.

What do you all think of this?  We’d love your feedback!

Will Takeoff Always Be Free?

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