Amazon is perhaps one of the most strategically successful tech companies, always innovating and being one step in front of the market.

It’s no surprise then, that they were the ones to buy Twitch for $970 million a few years back.

Twitch has proven to be a behemoth in the world of gaming, with their numbers being higher and higher all the time.

Twitch has created a platform that can make or break a game, and some real “gaming celebrities”.

People follow (and donate a ton of money to) their favorite gamers, and you’d be surprised at the audience that these gamers get.

So much so that some people, like the famous shroud have given up a profitable pro gaming career to stream full-time.

Of course, that means that people are going to be flooding to the platform, especially as more stream-friendly games come out.

One such game is the record breaking phenomenon that is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG, as it’s commonly known, is a battle royale type game that is incredibly fun to play: you get parachuted on a desert island with 99 other players, and you compete for loot and weapons. Whoever is the last one alive, is the winner.

The simple premise is fantastic for the gamers, of course, but also for someone watching someone else play.


If you’ve ever tried following a pro gamer’s stream of Dota or League of Legends, you know that, unless you’re very familiar with the game yourself, you won’t understand pretty much anything of what happens on the screen.

With PUBG, it’s super easy to just drop in and watch someone sneak around as s/he tries to kill other players on the island.

We’re sure that games like PUBG will be the future of gaming, especially as VR becomes more and more mainstream.

And video will benefit from it, big time.

Video Streaming and Gaming

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