Recent statistics suggest that this year, video advertisements will account for nearly 70% of all consumer web traffic. This recent surge has been spiked by several successful industries that have changed the way stories are told to customers. Now potential buyers are able to watch a video representation instead of just reading about a product or service offering. But which industries are leading the way with successful social media ads?

The Food Recipe Industry

Viral videos made by pages like Tasty, and Delish have taken off like wild fire. These videos generally last about one minute, and follow a pretty simple formula. They begin with an image of the finished recipe to show viewers what the end result will be. The video normally focuses on only the food, and shows nothing more that the hands of he person preparing it. The video will quickly showcase the individual ingredients needed, and then someone quickly assembling the recipe. From their the video will showcase every step of preparation, until the recipe is finished. For the grand finale, the video will typically show someone tearing, cutting, or spreading the dish, to show how delicious it looks!

So why are these videos so successful? First they show the end result which lets someone decide quickly if they are interested in this recipe. Because the video is sped up, it takes the complication away from reading instructions and the recipe looks more approachable and less complex. Finally these videos do not come off as an advertisement. Though they are often sponsored by a food product, or retailer, it isn’t main focus of their advertisement. This subtly makes these recipe videos extremely successful.

The Cosmetics Industry

Long ago are the days when we flipped through magazine ads with photos of celebrities showcasing the newest makeup trends. Today we see wildly popular videos on social media of brand “influencers” who test out beauty products and post videos of their trials. The smartest cosmetics brands usually share these videos on their own social media pages. Much like recipe videos, these cosmetics videos follow a similar structure. They begin with a cip of the person with the finished makeup look, and then flash to the person makeupless and ready to begin the process. This person will then start applying their makeup, sometimes narrating their steps, or simply showing the items to the camera and then where they are applying it on their face.

These videos are very successful for a number of reasons. The first being that the model is typically a social media influencer, but not an actress or paid spokesperson. This helps establish trust amongst the consumer, and by watching the video in real time, they can see what it’s like to use the products. Some videos even end with the person taking an photo with anĀ instant camera, and then showing it on the video so people can see how makeup looks in various lighting. These videos come across less as an advertisement, and more of a lifestyle video which really helps customers picture that product as part of their life.

The DIY/Interior Design Industry

Home Improvement retailers such as The Home Depot, and Lowes, as well as home TV networks such as HGTV have been successfully engaging in the social media video ads trend. These ads generally focus of affordable and easy improvements you can make around the home. The video usually begins with a before and after image side by side. Then the video shows exactly what materials are needed to complete the project. Finally the video shows the step by step process for recreating the transformation. The video then normally ends with photos of the transformation from multiple agles so that viewers can really appreciate the changes.

These videos are very successful because they focus on simple design and updates that are not expensive, nor time consuming. The retailers do a great job of listing all the needed materials that are easy to find, and do not necessarily have to be purchased at any particular retailer. These advertisements appeal to consumers as more of a ‘how to guide” than as an ad for a particular product.

One thing all of these videos have in common is that they are short, informative, and do not come across as an ad for one particular product. We think that all of these factors make these industries very successful in their efforts with social media video ads.

Industries With Sucessful Social Media Video Ads
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