Takeoff Has Closed Down

To our devoted users,

It is of our most sincere apologies to inform you that as of today August 25th, 2016 Takeoff must unfortunately be temporarily shut down.

You may have noticed a recent decline in performance, but due to several factors we will not be able to get back to up speed. From here on the site will remain inaccessible, and as part of the shutdown all subscriptions will be suspended.

We realize that this news may have caused frustration for your review/approval workflows, and for that we deeply apologize. We are most thankful for all of you, especially those that have been with us since the beginning, way back in 2010.

The truth is that we have always been a small start-up. We are just a few guys that built something great, but in the process had to return to our day jobs to feed our families and pay the bills. It is for that reason that we currently can no longer effectively provide the support, development, time, and resources into keeping Takeoff alive.

It is our hope to relaunch Takeoff bigger and better, but until then we hope that you can forgive this small team for having to turn off the lights for a bit. Once we're back up and running, we will offer all legacy users deep credits and discounts should you wish to return to the platform.

We truly appreciate all of you, and do wish these circumstances did not have to occur. From our hearts we wish you all the best in your endeavors in the days to come.